The Walking Dead Season 2: The Well Walker

The Walking Dead 2 Episode 4 The Walker in the Well Scene

The Walking Dead special effects supervisor Greg Nicotero has done it again.

In the fourth episode of The Walking Dead Season 2, Nicotero has created one of the most disgusting zombies of this season.

In an episode  titled “Cherokee Rose” devoid of much action, it is the only walker we encounter.

The group found the bloated walker inside a well and for fear that it might infect their water source further, they decided to pull it out of the water.

After Glenn managed to tie a rope around it (in a nerve-wracking way of course), they managed to partially pull the swimmer.. err, walker out of the well.

Unfortunately, the zombie’s legs become stuck on the edge of the well and it was torn apart spilling its guts and lower part of the body on the well. T-Dog then just blasted the zombie’s head to smithereens.

Watch the scene below:

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