The Walking Dead 3: The Governor’s Zombie Heads in Aquariums

If you have read The Walking Dead comics, you might have already expected to see this one.

At the ending scene of the TV show’s third episode “Walk With Me” where The Governor made his first appearance, we discovered that behind the leader-savior facade lies a dark secret.

Leaving a naked woman in his bed and gazing at a framed photo of his wife and daughter, he enters a private room and settles comfortably in a chair – looking at his collection of aquariums filled with walker heads. Heads that are still alive with eyes and mouths that moved.

Walking Dead Governor Zombie Heads Aquariums

So, what’s the deal with this grisly collection?

In the comics, The Governor has a “television of 57 channels”, which is made of 57 human heads.

It is assumed that the victims were all survivors of the apocalypse, they all met up with The Governor at an unknown time and then he killed them because they displeased him.

In the show, not all of the heads were killed by The Governor as Michonne’s walker ‘pets’ can also be seen.

Walking Dead Governor Zombie Heads Aquariums

In an interview, writer Robert Kirkman said,

“It’s supposed to be something jarring. He’s got Michonne’s walker pets in one of the fish tanks and the pilot from the helicopter added; it’s something the Governor’s been collecting. You should get a sense, and if you’ve read the comics you know that this is something he does from time to time. The reasons why he has these heads and what it is he’s actually doing while he’s just sitting there staring at them remains to be seen. It’s part of the mystery surrounding the Governor. There’s much more from where that came from and as the season continues to unfold, we’ll discover more possibly horrific things about this guy.”

David Morrissey, the actor who plays The Governor says of the fish tanks,

“Well, for me there is a sense of: if you’re going to survive in this world you’d better have a thick skin and be able to desensitize yourself to the things that you are going to see around you. And I certainly think there’s a sense of the Governor doing that. It’s also his plaything. It’s his man cave. It’s where he goes, so it’s about where he looks into the deepest place inside himself and that’s where he goes for that. That room is very special to him.”

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